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Who are we?

Newsmonkey is the news brand for generation Y: combining journalism and entertainment, we bring you a daily dose of topicality.

Newsmonkey is part of the GMGroup, a media company that pioneers in native advertising, in social video, in truly grasping how to catch generation Y with commercial communication. With our unique distribution model and our own technology, we make content go viral.

With our breaking news, background stories, scoops, listicles and awesome videos, we reach over 1,8 million people every month.



Focus on social video

2018 is the year of social video. And at newsmonkey we have a strong lead in the field with our own sister company vYdeo. A production company specialized in social video.


We strive to be forerunners in the Belgian market. We develop our own technologies to be able to go further, to make our content go even more viral in our target audience.

From Gen Y for Gen Y

Our entire team consists out of young journalists, copywriters and community managers, who all belong to Generation Y. Being a part of the target audience, we know exactly what's going on and what content they love.

Strong social presence

Around 80% of our traffic comes through social media, from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and Twitter or even WhatsApp. On Facebook alone we have a reach of over 2 million.

Native content

At newsmonkey we go all in on native articles. By creating content that is fully customized and recognizable to our readers, they feel more involved to read and share the content in their own community.


Do you want to sell, create leads or generate awareness among Generation Y? We deliver your message with ease through newsmonkey to that target group that is so difficult to reach through traditional media.

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