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Native advertising

Native advertising is different from general commercials in many ways. With native articles we try to engage the reader with the client's story by writing a text close to their life. Those can be very recognizable or even tips and tricks to make their lives easier. Another important aspect is that the article has a viral touch. People need to be willing to share it with their friends because they recognize themselves in it. The client's values are present, but they are subtly woven into the article.


Copywriting is more than just writing a text. A copywriter convinces you to do something, to buy or receive more information. Share Agency efficiently delivers your message to your target audience. We write texts for social media, websites, mailing campaigns, blogs and many more.


Social media management

Don't underestimate the strength of a community. Facebook groups, Instagram pages, Twitter feeds, Pinterest boards, ... Choose a platform and you will find a community for your brand or product. It's the perfect way to reach your audience on a personal level. At Share Agency we manage a lot of different social channels; not just our own, but for many of our customers as well. Creating posts, communicating with fans, targeting effective ads, ... We know how to reach your target audience.


During our workshops we teach you some of our tips and tricks on how to manage social media, create compelling texts, set up advertisements, ... You will learn the importance of a good social media strategy by aligning company targets and social KPI's. Each of our workshops is tailor-made for your company.

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