Our production process

During the first phase of the production process the client briefs the video team in the fullest possible way, often during a brainstorm. The client’s expectations and goals of the assignment are clearly defined. We also decide on target audience, the message we want to deliver and tone of voice of the social video. Everything is neatly documented in a PO and assignment form, so our video team can get cracking!
Once the first conceptual phase is completed, our video team sends a draft scenario and details about the production for the client to approve. This document, the ‘deliverable’ allows our partners to send us all comments or suggestions they might have. The team decides on a date for recording, casts the right actors and extras, finds a suitable location, … Everything to make your project succeed.
When all arrangements are made, we start recording your social video. The document with the deliverable includes also how much time is needed to complete the recording.
When everything is recorded our team looks through all the footage, and selects the best shots for your video. During montage the video team edits all raw footage and adds music and subtitles to the video. All the necessary branding will be added as well if this is desired by the client.
After the first montage, we provide one review round for the partner to give us his or her feedback, and any additions they may want. To complete all adjustments, we include one day in the production process.
When the client has approved the video, we deliver the final version to the client’s inbox. With the client’s approval, the video is also added to vYdeo’s online portfolio.
We like to help our clients get the most out of their campaigns. Our team can help find and attract relevant audiences and help reach the correct target audience for the video. To accomplish this, our clients can take advantage of the newsmonkey platforms (on-site and on social media), or we can optimize a posting strategy on the client’s own platforms.
When the campaign has ended, each client receives a report with the relevant numbers to measure campaign ROI.
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