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If you have a case that can be told and visualized by people telling their story, we are talking about a testimonial video. The centerpiece of these videos is your services, products or organization. Satisfied experts, clients or coworkers can convince future employees or potential customers to choose your organization thanks to the personal touch in the testimonials.

After movie

An after movie is a unique recap of your event. All the exciting things that happen at your event are captured. Whether it be guest speakers, the delicious catering or people having the time of their lives, an after movie portrays so much more than just the activities on your event. It reflects the atmosphere and the experience. That’s how you’ll make your fans excited and give the viewers the chance to revive the event. The ideal promotion material.

Brand reporter story


A brand reporter movie is somewhat similar to an after movie, with one major difference: the video is hosted by a reporter, who puts a face on the story. We send the reporter to the event to interact with the guests. This guarantees an awesome report as both the event and the guests have active screen time on top of a reporter who gives a human touch to the entire experience.



These are premium videos focused on emotions. Unlike the testimonial videos where you  just focus on the product or company, you focus on the humanity, the human interest stories. We put a spotlight on a person and highlight their story. We aim to amaze and impact people by providing a touching story in a combination of beautiful shots.

Talking heads


During a talking heads video, we let peers make a testimony in front of a backdrop. We ask every person in front of our camera the same questions and record their different reactions and answers. This gives a beautiful spectrum of different opinions, emotions, views and experiences. We can set up the backdrop in our studio, but we’re also able to set up at your event. With our distribution strategies on social media, we’ll let it go viral.

Flat lay video


This type of video is shot from above. Usually to film a table surface or a counter surface. This way of filming enables us to show clearly what is happening on the surface. It’s a perfect format to show instructions which can be accompanied by written instructions on the screen. These are usually quick short videos that are easily shared on social media.

Concept video

However, not all videos fit in the above descriptions. You might picture a video with a voice over and gorgeous shots, instead of an interview format or a flat lay. And this is something we can cater to as well. We are flexible to meet your needs and to ensure you receive the video that you want. Just because it’s not listed on our website, doesn’t mean we can’t do it. We're always up for a challenge. We are excited to hear what you are looking for and how we can co-create the perfect concept for your next social video!

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